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Many people are unaware of lawsuits and don’t even know how to file a lawsuit or How to file a small claim. As a consequence, there are many instances they are deprived of legal rights and suffer losses. It’s better to be legally aware and know how to file a lawsuit or file small claims against the loss suffered by you at the cost of negligence or mistake of others.

What Is A Lawsuit?

A Lawsuit is a civil action brought before a court in which the party commencing the action, the plaintiff, seeks a legal remedy. Often, one or more defendants are required to answer the plaintiff’s complaint. If the plaintiff is successful, judgment will be given in the plaintiff’s favor, and a range of court orders may be issued to enforce a right, impose a penalty, award damages, impose an injunction to prevent an act or compel an act, or to obtain a declaratory judgment to prevent future legal disputes.

It usually involves dispute resolution of private law issues between individuals, business entities or non-profit organizations. However, it may involve public law issues in those jurisdictions that enable the government to be treated as if it were a private party in a lawsuit (as plaintiff or defendant regarding an injury), or that provide the government with a civil cause of action to enforce certain laws rather than criminal prosecution. The conduct of a lawsuit is called Litigation.

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